Model Analysis and Calculation Utilities

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compressmodel - Remove references to unused variables from a model.
estimatefactors - Estimate number of significant factors in multivariate data.
figmerit - Analytical figures of merit for multivariate calibration.
leverag - Calculate sample leverages.
knnscoredistance - Calculate the average distance to the k-Nearest Neighbors in score space.
qconcalc - Calculate Q residuals contributions for predictions on a model.
regcon - Converts regression model to y = ax + b form.
residuallimit - Estimates confidence limits for sum squared residuals.
reviewmodel - Examines a standard model structure for typical problems.
reviewcrossval - Examines cross-validation settings for typical problems.
rinverse - Calculate pseudo inverse for PLS, PCR and RR models.
rmse - Calculate Root Mean Square Error.
tconcalc - Calculate Hotellings T2 contributions for predictions on a model.
tsqlim - Confidence limits for Hotelling's T^2.
varcapy - Calculate percent y-block variance captured by a PLS regression model.
vip - Calculate Variable Importance in Projection from regression model.

(Sub topic of Quantitative_Regression_Analysis)