Release Notes PLS Toolbox Version 5 2

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Version 5.2 of PLS_Toolbox and Solo was released in March, 2009.

For general product information, see PLS_Toolbox Product Page. For information on Solo, see Solo Product Page.


  • Improved MCR/ALS - Improve speed and make old/new comparison more accurate. Add various closure constraint improvements and settings.
  • CVBIAS to CrossVal - Add cross-validated bias as output from crossval for regression models. Also included in model.detail.cvbias and in various model statistics displays.
  • T2+Q (tsqqmtx) Contribution Updates - Allow additional model types and improve calculation efficiency. Allow displaying of multiple sample contributions at once.
  • Time-Lagging GUI Support - Add Workspace Browser GUI support for WRTPULSE to do time-lagging of variables for single-output systems.
  • Automated extraction of X-block column(s) to use as Y-block in Analysis GUI.
  • Preprocess - Improved speed and memory usage.
  • Normalize - Improve memory performance significantly and exclude/include behavior.
  • Excel Reader Updates - Update Excel file reader to include new formats (.xlsx and .xlsb).
  • DataSet Editor - Allow loading of logical vector into include field.
  • SPC Reader - Add support for using scaling with older version 7.7 files.
  • ASF Reader - File header data now captured.
  • ASF Writer - Add support for export of data to ASF format.
  • HJY Reader - Add support for reading HORIBA Jobin Yyvon files (Windows Only).
  • EVRIGUI Objects - New EVRIGUI object to access and manipulate an Eigenvector GUI.
  • Solo Remote Control - Added ability for third-party packages to access Solo's GUIs and data.


anyexcluded - Add new "anyexcluded" method to DataSet objects (DSO) which reports if any elements are excluded in a given DSO.
calccvbias - Calculate the Cross-Validation Bias from a cross-validated model.
hjyreadr - Reads HORIBA Jobin Yvon files (Windows Only).
ismac - Overload of ISMAC for backward compatibility.
line_filter - Spectral filtering.
writeasf - Writes Hamilton Sundstrand ASF files from a dataset object.