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SNABSREADR Reads Stellarnet ABS XY files.


data = snabsreadr(filenames,options)


Reads one or more Stellarnet ABS XY files into a DataSet object. Reads fixed-width XY ABS files in which the first column is a column of axisscale values and the second column is the values measured at the corresponding axisscale values. Returns a DataSet object with the X as the axisscale in the file and all Y columns (both in the same file and in multiple files) concatenated and transposed as rows.

It is REQUIRED that, if multiple files are being read, they must all have the same X range. If this is not true, the import may fail.


  • filenames = One of the following identifications of files to read:
a) a single string identifying the ABS file to read ('example')
b) a cell array of strings giving multiple ABS files to read ({'example_a' 'example_b' 'example_c'})
c) an empty array indicating that the user should be prompted to locate the file(s) to read ([])


  • model = a DataSet object with the first column of the file(s) stored as the axisscale{2} values and subsequent column stored as row of data.


options = an optional options structure containing one or more of the following fields:

  • headerrows: [2] number of header rows to expect in each file,
  • startvar: [] when supplied, defines the first variable to include in the output (in axisscale units). Empty reads from the beginning of the data,
  • endvar: [] when supplied, defines the last variable to include in the output (in axisscale units). Empty reads to the end of the data.

See Also

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