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Imports data from Analytical Spectral Devices (ASD) Indico (Versions 6 and 7) data files.


out = asdreadr('filename',options)
out = asdreadr({'filename' 'filename2'},options)


  • filename = a text string with the name of an ASD file or a cell of strings of ASD filenames. If (filename) is omitted or an empty cell or array, the user will be prompted to select a folder and then one or more files in the identified folder. If (filename) is a blank string, the user will be prompted to select a single file.


  • out = one or more dataset (IN SAME ORDER as names in options.requestedfields). A dataset is returned for each valid requested ASD data field. The valid field names are listed above for option.requestedfields. The default is 'ratio', which is the ratio of the spectrum / reference fields. For example, when options.requestedfields = {'spectrumdata' 'ratio'} then the command "[ds1 ds2] = asdreadr(filenames, options);" will return two output datasets, ds1 and ds2. The dataset ds1 contains the spectrumdata data ( with dimensions (nx x nchannels), where nx is the number of successfully imported files and nchannels is the unique number of channels read in each file. Similarly dataset ds2 contains the requested 'ratio' data. Header information read from each file is available in the dataset's userinfo field, for example: ds1.userdata.asd.metadata(1).spectrumFileHeader contains information from the SpectrumFileHeader section of the first imported file. Log records of the importing process are available in ds1.userdata.asd.log.


options = a structure array with the following fields:

  • requestedfields: [ {'ratio'} ] and/or any combination of: 'spectrumdata' 'referencedata' 'basecalibrationdata' 'lampcalibrationdata' 'fiberopticcalibrationdata'. A dataset will be returned for each field included. For example,
options.requestedfields= {'spectrumdata' 'ratio' };
[spectrumdata ratio] = asdreadr(filenames, options);
would lead to two datasets being returned, as indicated, in the same order as they are listed in options.requestedfields. The user must take care to specify the returned variables in the same order as they are listed in option.requestedfields.
  • multiselect : [ 'off' | {'on'} ] governs whether file selection dialog should allow multiple files to be selected and imported. Setting to 'off' will restrict user to importing only one file at a time.

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