Plotting Analysis Aids and I O Functions

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For more importing methods, see also Importing Data

abline - Draws a line on the current axes with a given slope and intercept.
analysis - Graphical user interface for data analysis.
areadr - Reads ascii data and strips header.
autoexport - Exports a DataSet object to a file of the specified format.
autoimport - Automatically reads specified file. Handles all standard filetypes.
b3spline - Univariate spline fit and prediction.
boxplot - Box plot of a data matrix.
builddbstr - Builds a database connection string.
dp - Draws a diagonal line on an existing figure.
ellps - Plots an ellipse on an existing figure.
explode - Extracts variables from a structure array to the workspace.
exportfigure - Automatically export figures to an external program.
figuretheme - Resets a figure background and axes to a specified color.
getpidata - Uses the current PI connection to construct a DSO from 'taglist'.
gselect - Selects objects in a figure (various selection styles).
hjyreadr - Reads HORIBA Jobin Yvon files (Windows Only).
hline - Adds horizontal lines to figure at specified locations.
infobox - Display a string in an information box.
loopfilereadr - An example function for reading files in a loop from a directory.
modelstatssummary - Generate a succinct list of descriptive model statistics.
mplot - Automatic creation of subplots and plotting.
mtfreadr - Read AdventaCT Multi-Trace Format (MTF) files.
netcdfreadr - Reads in netCDF files and outputs a DataSet and or structure.
parsemixed - Parse numerical and text data into a DataSet Object.
pcolormap - Pseudocolor plot with labels and colorbar.
ploteigen - Builds dataset object of eigenvalues/RMSECV information.
plotgui - Interactive data viewer.
pltreadr – Reads a Vision Air PLT model file as an EVRI model structure.
plttern - Plots a 2D ternary diagram.
pltternf - Plots a 3D ternary diagram with frequency of occurrence.
querydb - Executes a query on a database defined by connection string.
reportwriter - Write a summary of the analysis including associated figures to html/word/powerpoint.
rwb - Red white and blue color map.
setpath - Modifies and saves current directory to the MATLAB search path.
shimadzueemreadr – Reads Shimadzu EEM files with Rayleigh removal.
snabsreadr - Reads Stellarnet ABS XY files.
spcreadr - Reads a Galactic SPC file.
spereadr - Reads a Princeton Instruments SPE file.
trendtool - Univariate trend analysis tool.
visionairxmlreadr – Reads Vision Air formatted XML files in as X-block and Y-block DataSet Objects.
vline - Adds vertical lines to figure at specified locations.
writeasf - Writes AIT ASF files from a dataset object.
writecsv - Export a DataSet object to a comma-separated values (CSV) file.
writeplt – Exports an EVRI model structure as a Vision Air PLT model file.
xclgetdata - Extracts matrix from an Excel spreadsheet.
xclputdata - Write matrix to an Excel spreadsheet.
xclreadr - Reads an ASCII or .XLS file in as a DataSet Object.
xlsreadr - Reads .XLS files from MS Excel and other spreadsheets.
xyreadr - Reads one or more ASCII XY or XY... files into a DataSet object.
yscale - Rescales the y-axis limits on each subplot in a figure.
zline - Adds vertical lines to 3D figure at specified locations.

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