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Importing / Exporting

How do I concatenate multiple files into a single DataSet?

How do I create a multivariate image from separate images?

How do I export PCA scores and loadings to a text file (to read into MS Excel, for example)?

How do I import three-way data into Solo or PLS_Toolbox?

Why can't I import a Horiba NGC file on my 64-bit computer?

Why can't SPCREADR read multiple files I've selected?

Why do some Excel files fail to import?

Why does my CSV file import with a NaN in the first element?


What to do about the log4j.jar security issue (December 2021)?

How do I move or modify the model cache?

How can I change the color order for scores images?

How can customize class coloring?

Can I do PARALIND in PLS_Toolbox?

Can I install PLS_Toolbox (or Solo) on more than one PC, such as on my desktop and laptop computer?

Can I use multiple class sets (categorical variables) together in a SIMCA, PLSDA, or LDA model?

Can you give me more information on the R-Squared statistic?

How are RMSEC and RMSECV related to R2Y and Q2Y I see in other software?

Convergence of PARAFAC. How much variation between models is expected a particular PARAFAC is fit multiple times with the same settings?

Does the software stop working if my maintenance expires?

How and where do I report a problem with PLS_Toolbox?

How are T-contributions calculated?

How are the ROC curves calculated for PLSDA?

How are the error bars calculated for a regression model and can they be related to a confidence limit (confidence in the prediction)?

How can I improve performance with PLS_Toolbox and Solo

How do I assign classes for samples in a DataSet?

How do I build a classification model from a class set other than the first?

How do I choose between the different cross-validation leave-out options?

How do I cite/reference Eigenvector?

How do I interpret the ROC curves and Sensitivity / Specificity plots from PLSDA?

How do I make a DataSet backwards compatible?

How do I use the "custom" cross-validation option?

How is the prediction probability and threshold calculated for PLSDA?

I keep getting "out of memory" errors when analyzing my data. What can I do?

What can I do if I get a java.lang.OutOfMemoryError error?

Nonnegativity (PARAFAC, PARAFAC2, Tucker): Why do I get negative scores when all modes are set to nonnegativity?

What are "Relative Contributions"?

What are the "Reduced" T2 and Q Statistics?

What are the units used for RMSEC and RMSECV when cross-validating PLSDA models? Why do the cross-validation curves look strange for PLSDA?

What do the four Fit/Unique Fit statistics mean in MCR and PARAFAC models?

What internal tests are used to select "suggested" number of PCs?

What is PLS1 vs PLS2 and how do I create separate PLS1 models when I have a multi-column y-block?

What is the difference between a loading and a weighting?

Why are some axis labels and titles on my axes upside-down when I'm viewing images in MIA_Toolbox?

Why can't I recompile the PLS_Toolbox functions?

Why do I get the warning/notice "Missing Data Found - Replacing with "best guess" from existing model. Results may be affected by this action."

Why does PLS_Toolbox have a "boxplot" function that conflicts with the Mathworks Statistics Toolbox function of the same name?

Why does R2014b give me "Error using matlab.ui.Figure... Cannot convert double value to a handle" (or similar)?

Why do I get an error message saying "Unable to Connect to Cache Database"?

Command Line

Do I have to specify all the options to a function or only the ones that are different from the defaults?

How are the Q-residuals and Hotelling's T2 values calculated for PLS models?

How do I automate PCA analysis for multiple images?

How do I calculate my own T2 and Q limits?

How do I manually calculate the limits for scores?

How do I calculate scores from a PLS or PLSDA model?

How do I change the default options for a function?

How do I interpret the Misclassification results reported by crossval?

How do I make PlotGUI send its plot to a new figure and not overwrite the current figure?

How do I retrieve and display predictions from a model structure in the command window?

How do I specify all options on the same line that contains the call to a function?

How do I use specific known pure component spectra with MCR (Multivariate Curve Resolution)?

How does PCA cross-validation work in PLS_Toolbox and Solo and how do I set up the command-line options to best use it?

Where do I find a description of the parafac2 constraints?

Where do I find the regression vector (B) and regression intercept (B0) for a PLS or PCR model?

Why do I get an error saying "Too Many Output Arguments" when using the Mathworks' Neural Networks interface?

Why do I get different cross-validation results from the command-line crossval routine compared to the Analysis window?

Why do I get different results when I preprocess before doing my cross-validation vs. doing preprocessing inside crossval?

Why does the PCAENGINE change the sign of the loadings returned by SVD?

Why is my model built using command line functions different from the same one I built in Analysis GUI?


What kind of training material comes with a PLS_Toolbox or Solo license?


How do I add confidence ellipses around groups of samples?

How do I add my own preprocessing methods to the Preprocess GUI?

How do I change the default plots created by the Scores button in the Analysis GUI?

How do I change the limit on how many rows or columns I can access in a plot (Plot Controls)?

How do I enable the PLS, PCR and/or SIMCA analysis methods in the Analysis GUI?

How do I export PCA, PLS or PCR predictions or scores to a text file or another program?

How do I limit my analysis to a sub-range of the variables in my data?

How do I load labels, classes or an axisscale for my data in the Analysis GUI?

How do I make a prediction on new data using the Analysis or Regression GUI?

How do I see and/or include more than 20 factors in a PLS or PCR model when using Analysis GUI?

How do I view a table of predictions, scores, or other data?

I am getting out of memory errors when using preprocessing in Analysis GUI - how do I analyze this data within the GUI?

I am unable to print scores or loadings plots, or I am unable to print figures created by PlotGUI.

I get an error in PlotGUI "Invalid object handle" (error in plotds with MIA_Toolbox installed)

What is the "Figures" window used for and how do I keep all figures in the same window?

My App Designer app can't be saved when PLS_Toolbox is installed - how can I fix this?


Do need an Internet connection to install Solo based products?

How to fix "File help/smallevri.gif does not exist" error message?

How do get PLS_Toolbox to work on Mac Sonoma?

Do any PLS_Toolbox functions conflict with the Mathworks Toolboxes?

Solo macOS installation error: "Cannot start due to license error. Expired - Error using save..."

Can you describe an easy way to switch from one version of PLS_Toolbox to another?

Do any PLS_Toolbox functions conflict with the Mathworks Toolboxes?

Some or all of the PLS_Toolbox functions do not work.

How do I calculate / verify the MD5 or SHA1 hashes on a file?

How do I install PLS_Toolbox on two different versions of Matlab?

How do I install multiple Eigenvector products?

How do I switch from a demo version of PLS_Toolbox or Solo to install and use a new purchased version?

How do I use PLS_Toolbox or Solo with a license server when I don't have access to the network?

How do I use the floating license server in the cloud?

How is PLS_Toolbox installed with a network copy (site-license) of Matlab?

I bought a copy of PLS_Toolbox but I am getting warnings about the license expiring or my license has expired.

I get a warning saying the evriio.p file was p-coded from an old MATLAB version.

I get the message "Path cannot be saved" and don't seem to have permission to write to my 'pathdef.m' file. What can I do to keep from having to install PLS_Toolbox each time I start Matlab?

I loose my floating license if I am inactive in Matlab. How do I keep a license checked out?

I ran the PLS_Toolbox installer and a menu asks to start Matlab and run a script, but Matlab never starts. How do I finish the installation?

If we purchase a floating license does the floating license need to be added to the Matlab floating license, or can it be served by a separate license server?

I'm having trouble installing Solo on a Mac.

Solo fails with "mclstart: Unable to initialize PLS_toolbox library check for missing plstoolbox.ctf file" or requires re-installation each startup.

Solo_Predictor gives the error "Error using object. Attempted to access out(1); index out of bounds because numel(out)=0."

Staring Solo on Fedora Linux I get the message: "SELinux is preventing .../EVRI_lib" from performing execstack access on a process"

Trouble downloading, installing, starting, or running Solo.

What is the version compatibility between PLS_Toolbox and Matlab?

What's a good way to add or remove PLS_Toolbox from my path?

What's the best way to install Solo or PLS_Toolbox in a classroom?

When installing Solo or other stand-alone I get a warning saying "Could not write updated MCR_INHIBIT_CTF_LOCK to HKLM"

When starting Solo I get the message "The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect."

Why am I unable to make changes to the path in MATLAB on Windows 7?

Why do I get "attempt to run script as a function" errors after I install PLS_Toolbox?

Why do I get an error "Missing operator, comma, semicolon, or white space." after installing the toolbox?

Why do I get an error that my license code is not valid?

Why do I have to reenter my license code every time I start?

Why do I need to run EVRIINSTALL when installing PLS_Toolbox?

Why does my floating license return the error "License server cannot be run on the same computer as this application" (or code -3) when I try to check out a license?

Why is the PLS_Toolbox help information not available in my Matlab help window?

How to configure Java files in older versions of MATLAB?

How do I uninstall Eigenvector software from my computer?

Why does Solo crash on some AMD CPU processors?


Why does Python configuration freeze at 'Installing pip dependencies...' step?

Why do ANNDL, ANNDLDA, UMAP, and TSNE give different results?